The First Treatment For Stab Wounds?

Illustration of The First Treatment For Stab Wounds?
Illustration: The First Treatment For Stab Wounds?

Good afternoon, I want to ask, if there was a stab wound accident victim, what was the time when the knife was pulled out, the patient was sedated first or not? Thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at A stab wound is a wound or discontinuity of tissue caused by the object punctured, the wound itself measuring a depth greater than its width.

In dealing with stab wounds, not all conditions can be beaten flat. For simplicity's sake, we will start with the condition where the awl is gone. First aid in treating a stab wound requires the following steps:

Clean your hands to avoid infection
Stop bleeding by applying pressure to the area with a bandage, gauze, clothing or other cloth
Clean the wound with running water. If there's alcohol, that's even better. If there is stool that is difficult to collect, consult a doctor
Cover the wound with a bandage to keep the wound clean
Check with your doctor for further treatment, and perhaps antibiotics as well as antitetanus if needed

If the condition is that the piercing item has not been released, then if the item is small, such as nails, needles or other small items, it is fine if you pull it out immediately. This condition usually does not require anesthesia.

However, if the awl is large, or small but deep, you should immediately take it to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. This is because in some cases of stab wounds, the piercing tool itself keeps the bleeding from occurring. Imagine a balloon filled with water punctured by a pencil, the water still doesn't come out or at least just seeps because the hole made by the pencil is still covered by the pencil. Precisely when the pencil was pulled out a lot of water. In dealing with this, surgery may be needed and if that is what is done, of course an anesthetic is needed beforehand.

But in conclusion, if you are confused, you can immediately bring the victim to a stab wound or accident to the nearest hospital emergency room, especially if the stab wound causes bleeding that is difficult to stop, makes the patient weak or unconscious, caused by dirty tools or objects made of metal, and is caused by insect or animal bites.

So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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