The Flu Because Of The Rain

Illustration of The Flu Because Of The Rain
Illustration: The Flu Because Of The Rain

Yesterday my doc continued to sneeze, my sneezing, my ears itched further, I coughed up phlegm, until now what is the cure, I have been taking the medication but the cough still hasn’t disappeared.

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Hello eviwulandini,

Thank you for the question.

The body that is cold due to rain can indeed cause inflamed airways, until finally sneezing and coughing. Inflammation in the airways can also spread to the ears, making the ears feel itchy too. In people who do have cold allergies, symptoms of inflammation can appear more severe.

As long as there is no fever or severe tightness, frequent complaints such as those you experience are not dangerous. To improve, you can first make the following efforts:

Take a shower with warm water, then wear clothes that warm you
Limit activities outside the home first, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic has not subsided
Use a mask during coughing
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, and keep the environment clean where you live so that you do not come in contact with substances that are prone to trigger allergies or irritations in the airways
Drink plenty of warm water and eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Don't eat and drink cold, artificial sweetness, berampas, and oily
Get more rest
Stay away from cigarettes and smoke
Isolate yourself, do not exchange any personal belongings with others, keep a distance with those around you, do not leave the house except for emergencies

Within 1-3 days, conditions that are mild and appear pure only because the rain should get better with the discipline of undergoing the above efforts. Conversely, if for more than 3 days your complaint does not improve, or if there is a fever and severe tightness, or if you feel you've been in contact with sufferers / suspects of COVID-19, then it is far better for you to consult a doctor directly for evaluation more deeply, like with x-rays, throat swabs, and so on. For worry, if this is the condition that you experience, your complaint could indicate a viral or bacterial infection (including Corona virus), asthma, bronchitis, acid reflux, and other more severe illnesses. If necessary, the doctor can refer you to the ENT doctor or doctor of internal medicine later.

Hope this helps ...

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