The Formation Of Umbolith (navel Feces) And How To Overcome Them?

Illustration of The Formation Of Umbolith (navel Feces) And How To Overcome Them?
Illustration: The Formation Of Umbolith (navel Feces) And How To Overcome Them?

I am a girl of 19 years old. I want to ask about my navel like there are hard blacks in it but it doesn’t hurt at all, I searched on Google similar to the name of umbolith / hardened navel poop. But could it be the umbilical cord left when you were little or umbolith? If umbolith how to handle it / how to clean it? Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Omphalolith or also called umbolith is a black-like mass of stone that is blackish as a result of a buildup of keratin and sebum in the navel. Under normal conditions or without other ballast factors this event is very rare. In a fairly deep navel condition or obese individuals can increase the risk of umbolith formation, and has nothing to do with the umbilical cord at birth.

The formation of umboliths is associated with poor hygiene, causing debris to accumulate over a long period of time until it hardens. In fact, most cases will not show severe symptoms unless the umbolith mass becomes infected and inflamed.

If there are no symptoms of infection such as pain, redness, or discharge that smells, then the hardened umbolith mass can be cleaned using glycerin ear drops commonly used to soften hardened earwax. After softening then the mass will be removed using a tool by a doctor. This procedure is quite comfortable for the patient and does not cause pain. An easy way to do at home for example using baby oil or warm coconut oil rubbed on the navel slowly.

Another case if it has caused severe inflammation, the handling can require surgery. To prevent this, the most important thing is to clean the navel regularly with the method as above.

That's all, hope you can help.

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