The Front Of The Neck Hurts When Pressed?

Illustration of The Front Of The Neck Hurts When Pressed?
Illustration: The Front Of The Neck Hurts When Pressed?

I want to ask, my front throat hurts. I think the thyroid is not right or left but in the middle and not swollen, no lumps. But it hurts when pressed, sneezing or yawning, this feels when you wake up. Yesterday I had a volleyball match I shouted screaming is that one of the causes?

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Throat pain can be felt as pain in the neck. In addition to throat pain can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as swallowing pain, coughing, fever, runny nose, headache, body aches, or can not move the neck muscles to the right or left when you wake up. This can occur due to inflammation, infection, or muscle pain due to incorrect position, and can also be caused by thyroid. The following are various possibilities that can cause throat pain or pain in the neck:

Acid reflux disease due to reflux or GERD

In addition to neck pain, it is also important to know whether there are other accompanying symptoms such as pain when swallowing, hoarseness, or fever, coughing, and cold symptoms. Bianya in throat pain is also often felt in neck pain in most cases due to inflammation of the throat or called pharyngitis. Tonsillopharyngitis is included in the upper respiratory tract infection. In this condition the cause is mostly a viral infection. Usually you also experience symptoms of fever, malaise, joint pain, coughing or runny nose, then throat pain appears which is felt in the neck and also the pain will get worse if you swallow.

In laryngitis, or in flammation of the larynx is also included in upper respiratory tract infections. the larynx is located lower than the throat. Laryngitis in addition to complaints of pain in the throat and neck are also usually associated with sound, for example the voice becomes lost or hoarse. This happens because of the involvement of the vocal cords which are also inflamed. This can be triggered either because of excessive use of sound before, or using a lot of noise. As a result, the vocal cords become inflamed. Laryngitis can also be caused by a virus or bacterial infection. If you have previously carried out activities using excessive voices, this can be a trigger for your complaints to appear.

For thyroiditis is a condition where inflammation of the thyroid gland occurs. Thyroid is located in the front of the neck, in general, thyroiditis cases will be found swelling in the thyroid gland located in the front of the neck. In addition, sufferers usually have a history of thyroid hormone disorders such as hyperthyroidism. Cases of thyroiditis are often not accompanied by pain, but the symptoms that appear dominant are usually swelling and symptoms of excess hormones such as diarrhea, excessive sweating, tremors, fast heart beat and so on.

Or neck pain that arises after waking up can also occur due to muscle pain or myalgia, mostly caused by the neck position during sleep that is not right. Usually these symptoms are also accompanied by difficulty moving the neck muscles, making it difficult for sufferers to turn their heads.

But to be sure, it needs to be done directly to you. If the complaint does not improve immediately consult your doctor so that the doctor can ask your health history and do a physical examination directly on you. So that the cause can be known, and given appropriate treatment.

In most cases the cause of inflammation of the throat due to pharyngitis, laryngitis is caused by a virus. And usually the virus infection will heal itself with enough istirhata, and eat clean and healthy food. However, if the complaint does not improve within a few days should consult a doctor, to look for other possible causes of infection such as bacteria that need antibiotics.

Of course the handling given will depend on the cause, here are some things you can do to reduce the pain that can be done at home for a while "

Gargle up to the throat with an antiseptic mouthwash containing povidone-iodine, two to five times a day. This can help kill germs in the oral cavity that cause inflammation of the throat
Drink enough water
Avoid drinks and foods that are too hot, fizzy, sour and spicy
Don't smoke and avoid smoke-filled environments
Gargling with warm salt water to relieve inflammation or swelling in the throat
Do not get used to lying down after eating, this condition can trigger stomach acid to rise into the esophagus and cause pain in the throat
You can take over-the-counter pain medications such as paracetamol
Compress the affected part with cold compresses
Get enough rest, sleep with the correct neck position like using a comfortable head sleeping pad

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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