The Function Of Inflammation?

Illustration of The Function Of Inflammation?
Illustration: The Function Of Inflammation?

what is the function of inflammation?

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Inflammation (inflammation) is naturally a way for the body to protect itself from foreign substances that are considered dangerous, especially viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Injury, poisoning, exposure to extreme temperatures, and contact with allergens and irritants can also trigger inflammatory reactions. This inflammation has a variety of purposes, including:

To increase blood flow to parts of the body that are exposed to foreign objects, so that more white blood cells can ward off harmful foreign substances from the body
To isolate harmful foreign substances from spreading to other body tissues
To create an atmosphere that is not conducive for pathogenic microorganisms (the cause of infection) to survive

Although the goal is good, inflammation often causes sufferers to feel uncomfortable, such as because it causes fever, itching, redness, pain, swelling, reduced function of the affected body tissue. Not only that, sometimes there can also be errors in the immune system that actually attack healthy body cells because they are considered harmful to the body when in fact they are not, or also known as autoimmune disorders. Some cases like this can be fatal if not detected and treated early.

That's all our explanation. For more details, you can read more medical books.

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