The Habit Of Moving Or Bending The Legs Before Going To Sleep?

Illustration of The Habit Of Moving Or Bending The Legs Before Going To Sleep?
Illustration: The Habit Of Moving Or Bending The Legs Before Going To Sleep?

why every time I want to sleep I have to move my legs or bend one of my legs to be able to sleep, because if I don’t do it like something feels weird (not painful) and makes me unable to sleep. Is this because of habit or what?

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If you often feel like moving legs or other body parts while you are relaxing or sleeping, you may experienceestless leg syndrome. Conditionless leg syndrome or commonly referred to as RLS is a disorder associated with movement or sensation in your body. Usually, sufferers will experience the difficulty to sleep at night, and result in fatigue during the day due to disturbed sleep quality.

The cause of the disorder legless syndromedik is because a chemical in the brain, yaitudopamine, is out of balance. This substance functions to control the motor in our brain in order to move the body's muscles. There are also other causes such as disease: diabetes, kidney failure, nerve damage, due to hereditary factors and the effects of certain drugs such as antidepressants and narcotics.

if you feel this symptom when you want to sleep alone is not dangerous but if you feel very disturbing and causing other symptoms and complaints you can immediately see a doctor, so the doctor can do a direct examination and provide proper handling.

there are a few things you can do right now: Try to improve your lifestyle by consuming more iron-containing foods contained in vegetables, avoid cigarettes and alcohol, take a short walk before going to bed and then massage the affected body part. Start doing meditation and yoga, because stress can worsen your RLS. However, if it is very annoying, you can consult and get further treatment from a doctor.

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