The Hand Feels Achy And Tingling?

Illustration of The Hand Feels Achy And Tingling?
Illustration: The Hand Feels Achy And Tingling?

Hello doctor, I want to ask, I used to have broken my hand before I brought sinse, but I did not continue, because I was healed and was able to lift heavy, only after 7 years, my hands often felt tingling and aching, what was the effect of a broken hand first or is there another disease? what’s the medicine? Trmks

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Pain and tingling conditions can be related to the history of your fractures that can trigger injury to the muscles or nerves in the area of ​​broken bones or nearby. Injury to the nerves often results in long-standing symptoms that disappear. This is because the nerve is difficult to regenerate when traumatized. Other causes can occur due to disruption of blood circulation in the area of ​​trauma to the former bone. Disorders of the nerves or blood circulation in the area of ​​broken bones can be a complication of injury. Another possibility could be due to the management of a fracture that is not good or caused by other diseases such as disorders of the non-traumatic nerve such as peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, or habits / positions that are wrong when doing daily activities.
To find out the cause of your complaint specifically, we recommend that you conduct an examination directly to the nearest doctor or neurologist. The doctor will try to determine whether the complaint you are feeling is caused by a nervous breakdown or other illness. Neurological examination and investigations such as electromyography (EMG) can help find the exact cause.
Try not to do physical activities that are too heavy especially those using hands. If you have to do activities that are repetitive, such as writing, typing, etc., give your hand a break. If the tingling continues to be felt until the pain arises, take neurotropic drugs that contain vitamin B complex and pain relievers such as Paracetamol to alleviate the perceived complaint.
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