The Hand Hurts After Hitting?

Illustration of The Hand Hurts After Hitting?
Illustration: The Hand Hurts After Hitting?

why does my hand hurt when hitting the target pads or can be called samsak my hand feels punctured when not hitting when hitting it doesn’t hurt tomorrow the next day it hurts again like being punctured how long should it not hit so it can heal, and sometimes when hitting and hurting like punctured my hand (knuckle / knuckle) like a striped why yes, and this is not a bone fracture because I have missed. thank you

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Hello, good night Ipinze100 ...

Before explaining further, we need to know in advance, whether the conclusion (that there are no cracks / fractures) comes from your radiologist / orthopedic doctor, or just an impression of what you see from the results of X-rays (without consultation with expert doctor)?

Sharp pain such as being punctured after making punching / punching movements can be caused by a variety of possibilities:

Boxer's fracture / Brawler's fracture, which is a bone / broken bone discontinuity (if the fracture is thin and does not cross the other side of the bone, usually called a "crack" by the layman) that occurs in the bones making up the knuckles / knuckles.

Injury / tears in the ligaments (tissue that connects bone to bone)
Injury / tear in tendons (tissue that connects muscles and bones)
Muscle injury

Of the many possibilities that we have mentioned above, we are not able to ascertain which conditions are the cause of your complaint, because we do not examine you directly. To ascertain the cause of the complaint, we recommend that you consult a orthopedic specialist. The doctor will ask questions about complaints, do a physical examination, and read the x-ray results that you have done. If deemed necessary, the doctor may consider re-X-rays (for example from a different direction (such as from a side / lateral direction) so that the presence / absence of bone discontinuity can be more clearly seen).

While waiting for the check schedule, what you can do at home include:

rest your hands that have complaints
compress using ice wrapped in a clean cloth to reduce complaints
Hand bandages use elastic bandages
if there is swelling, position the hand higher than the heart while sleeping lying down (for example by supporting it using a pillow)
if pain is very annoying, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers, such as paracetamol

That's all, hopefully it helps :)

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