The Hand Is Swollen And Painful After Being Hit By A Hard Object?

Illustration of The Hand Is Swollen And Painful After Being Hit By A Hard Object?
Illustration: The Hand Is Swollen And Painful After Being Hit By A Hard Object?

Night … About 2 weeks I hit a car while riding a motorbike, it means that my right hand hit quite hard and now it’s still swollen and there is a lump, I’ve been sequenced 2 times but it still hurts and feels sore. Please be the solution pretentious

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Hello, good afternoon Wendy.

A swollen limb after injury or trauma is a normal process. After a limb is injured, an inflammatory process will occur in response to the body. The inflammatory process consists of swelling, redness of the body, pain, warmth to the touch, and disruption of the limb to perform its function (for example, the hand is difficult to move). Generally, the inflammatory process is acute, which is about one week. In the condition that you are experiencing, where it has been 2 weeks but complaints are still there, other possibilities may occur, including:

tissue injuries such as tendon tears (tissue that connects muscles to bones), ligament tears (tissue that connects bones to bones) joint injuries or arthritis, fractures, etc.

When someone has just suffered an injury, the most appropriate way to do this is to do RICE, namely:

Rest (resting the limb) Ice (doing a cold compress. Namely compressing the body parts with ice wrapped in a thin cloth, done for 10-30 minutes with a break of 15 minutes, for 2 hours) Compression (do a bandage of the limbs to reduce swelling during The first 48 hours of this bandage should not be too tight) Elevation (do elevation of the limb a little higher at rest, for example propping the hand with a pillow a little higher.

For 48-72 hours after the injury, no massage or recruiting, strenuous activity, or heat exposure should be performed. These can slow down healing and worsen the inflammation that occurs.

We recommend that you check with your doctor, especially an orthopedic specialist (bone specialist). The doctor will perform a thorough examination and may suggest additional examinations such as x-rays to help find out the diagnosis / cause of the complaint you are experiencing. Treatment will be adjusted to your diagnosis, it can be with medication, splinting, or surgery if a fracture is proven.

That's all, hope it helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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