The Hands Cannot Be Straightened And Still Feel Stiff After 3 Months Of Pen Installation?

Illustration of The Hands Cannot Be Straightened And Still Feel Stiff After 3 Months Of Pen Installation?
Illustration: The Hands Cannot Be Straightened And Still Feel Stiff After 3 Months Of Pen Installation?

Hello. I had an accident and suffered a broken bone in my upper left arm in September 2019 and at that time was not immediately taken to the hospital only traditional medicine. After 1 month I felt more sick and then I took it to the hospital and was immediately advised for pen surgery. I operated in October 2019. But until now I could not straight my hands because of muscle stiffness. Because after surgery I use armsling for about 3 weeks. Is this normal condition? Because it has been almost 3 months postoperatively but my hands cannot be straight. * The location of the fracture in the upper left arm is precisely above a little from the elbow.

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Hello Clarissa,

Thank you for the question.

Basically, the operation of a pen installation or ORIF (Open Reduction Internal Fixation) will experience recovery for approximately 3 to 12 months post operation. There will be several healing stages that go through, so it needs to be done stages of periodic mobilization exercises on limbs that have undergone surgery.

Therefore, you are advised to consult a medical rehabilitation specialist so that the doctor can explore your complaints further, examine your hands including your ability to move your hands, and if necessary, the doctor will carry out supporting examinations such as x-rays. It is also necessary to find out whether your muscular stiffness is a form of healing or a disorder, because you may experience muscle disorders or contractures, growth of bone tissue, or failure to fuse the fractured bones. After that, you can be advised by your doctor to do regular physiotherapy to be able to exercise your hand mobilization

Things you can do at home:

Wrap your elbows with an elastic bandage so that you can add pressure to the tissue around your arm.
Elbow mobilization exercises such as bending and opening the arms slowly but routinely.
Avoid massaging the arms in traditional massage areas to prevent bone healing complications.

Hope this helps.


dr. Talitha.

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