The Hands Of A 5 Month Old Baby Tremble When Crying And Suckling?

Morning doctor, I want to ask from my child born until now at 5 months every time he cried, he wanted to shake his hands. If you wake up, your hands will be shaking. Only his hands. I wonder why? Is it dangerous or not? Until when is he like that?

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Complaints about your baby 5 months of experiencing tremors while drinking milk or waking up is a normal muscle vibration found in infants aged 5 months. This condition is related to the baby's muscular abilities that are not yet perfect. Babies still continue to grow and develop in their daily lives.
The development of the baby's muscles will follow the neurological or neurological development of the baby, so the baby's nervous system continues to develop rapidly from birth until 6 months and up to 5 years later. So you will often encounter certain muscle movements, certain body reflexes, or maybe the baby's development in getting to know their environment. At the age of 0-5 years, infant development will continue, both related to cognition, linguistics, social, emotional and motor functions. Therefore, there is a complaint of shaking in your baby when you wake up and drink breast milk is probably a natural complaint that occurs during the growth and development of your baby.
However, several other medical conditions also need to be considered because they can also trigger complaints of shaking or shaking in your baby, such as:
1. baby has a fever
2. dehydrated babies
3. cooler ambient temperature
4. changes in children's temperature
5. hungry baby
If your baby is experiencing constant shaking, or complaints are trembling for longer, it may even be accompanied by not responding to calls or your baby's eyes glancing upward, then the possibility of seizures should be considered. However, all of this still requires direct examination and direct evaluation from your family doctor or your child's doctor. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding this complaint. Furthermore, physical examination and supporting examination can be done to ascertain the cause. The results of the inspection will also be a reference for care and handling if needed.
For now, if your baby is shaking while drinking milk or getting out of bed, then you can give a hug to help calm your baby and comfort your baby. If complaints of shaking are increasing, then immediately visit your doctor.
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