The Head And Hands Often Tremble When In A Public Place?

Illustration of The Head And Hands Often Tremble When In A Public Place?
Illustration: The Head And Hands Often Tremble When In A Public Place?

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Trembling or in medical terms called tremor is an unconscious and rhythmic muscle contraction that causes shaking in one or more parts of the body. Tremors generally occur on the hands, but can also occur on the arms, head, vocal cords, body, and legs. Tremors can just happen without a specific disease, but can also be a symptom of another disease.

In general tremors are caused by problems in the part of the brain that regulates the coordination of body movements. Some types of tremor are unknown and can also be familial or hereditary.

Tremors relating to neurological disorders are caused by:
1. Multiple sclerosis
2. Head injury
3. Neurodegerative diseases that attack the brain (Parkinson's)
4. Alcohol abuse
5. Excessive thyroid hormone activity
6. The use of certain drugs
7. Liver or kidney disease
8. Anxiety or panic

One type of tremor, essential tremor, is one of the most common disorders. The exact cause is unknown. In some people these tremors don't get worse. This essential tremor occurs in the hands when doing activities and when standing.

Other accompanying symptoms can also occur such as tremors on the head or sounds that vibrate because of tremors on the vocal cords. Some of these triggers include emotional fear, stress, fever, physical fatigue, or low blood sugar levels.

In most cases, mild tremors do not require any treatment. Patients only need to adapt to these conditions. Specific treatment is recommended for tremors due to other underlying diseases, so treatment needs to be given for the underlying cause. For example, tremors in hyperthyroid conditions require treatment to suppress thyroid action hormones in the body.
If you are worried about these conditions, or feel complaints of tremors getting burdensome over time, then you should consult with a neurologist for further evaluation.

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