The Head Bone Behind The Ear Is Swollen Like A Bruise?

Illustration of The Head Bone Behind The Ear Is Swollen Like A Bruise?
Illustration: The Head Bone Behind The Ear Is Swollen Like A Bruise?

Good afternoon, I want to ask, this afternoon I woke up, then I just found out earlier that the head bone behind the right ear was swollen like a bruise, it was hard too, if you pressed it, it hurt and dizzy, why?

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Hello Zhall Rizal Noor Thank you for asking

The bone behind the ear is also called the mastoid bone. Swelling behind the ear may occur without realizing it. Swelling behind the ear can be caused by several possibilities.

In general, the back of the ear is the mastoid bone, which when you feel it will feel hard, besides that the mastoid bone area is also surrounded by other body parts such as the ear and other head bones. So that problems in the ear or head bone can also cause swelling of this mastoid bone.

Here are some of the possibilities that can cause swelling of the mastoid bone:

Infections, for example: otitis media, otitis externa, pharyngitis. infection of the ear and throat area often causes swelling or pain

Swollen lymph nodes, swelling of the lymph nodes behind the ear can appear and generally occurs when a cold or infection occurs in the body.

Abscess: is a collection of pus that appears due to untreated infection, an abscess can occur anywhere in the body including the mastoid bone. In addition to swelling at the abscess site, it is also accompanied by pain, warmth to the touch, and redness around the skin, but pus can also appear if the abscess bursts.

Injury; head injury, for example due to collisions, falls and so on. Usually there can be bruises (bleeding under the skin) which will appear bluish red or purplish

Basically the infection can cause swelling of the back of the ear or the mastoid bone. Apart from infection in the ear, infection in the throat also often causes swelling and pain in the mastoid bone. In cases of infection, abscesses, and swollen lymph nodes it is not common to find bruising. Symptoms commonly appear in infections include fever, sore throat, runny nose. If the cause is a bacterial infection, antibiotics and painkillers are usually given.

Chronic, untreated middle ear infection or otitis media can lead to a complication known as mastoiditis. Mastoiditis can generally be characterized by swelling behind the ear accompanied by headaches, fever, restlessness, fatigue, discharge from the ear and hearing loss. If you experience these complaints or have a history of disorders in your ears, consult the nearest ENT specialist immediately.

Do you mean by a bruise a purple or bluish or reddish color on the skin? If so then you need to watch out for any signs of bleeding. Bruising behind the ear can be a sign of a head fracture. Therefore it needs to be considered beforehand, did you have a history of head injury before the bruise appeared on the back of the ear? for example a head injury resulting from a impact, fall or other injury. If you have had a previous head injury, you need to watch out for bleeding from a sore or damage to the bones of the head. This is often referred to as the Battle sign. If this happens to you, immediately consult a doctor at the emergency room or the nearest health facility. The doctor will examine your entire physique and perform other additional examinations such as a head X-ray, or head CT scan to find out any abnormalities in the bones of the head and brain. So that you get the right immediate treatment.

However, if you experience a bruise suddenly, without previous injury, you also need to watch out. Frequent and easy bruising can be a serious medical condition. Here are some conditions that can cause frequent and easy bruising:

Thrombocytopenia / low platelet levels
Idiopathic thrombocytopenia Purpura / ITP

Here's an article that you can read more about: Causes of frequent bruising that you should watch out for

However, if you feel that this bruising complaint occurs suddenly without any clear cause, and this is the first time this incident does not mean you have a blood disorder as already mentioned. However, to avoid unwanted things, you should consult the problem with your doctor. In order to know the cause, and the earlier it is known, the faster it will be treated.

The next article regarding swelling in the ear can be read in the article: Swelling behind the ear & Other Symptoms to Watch Out for

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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