The Head Is Itchy To Blisters And Sores Appear When Scratched.?

Illustration of The Head Is Itchy To Blisters And Sores Appear When Scratched.?
Illustration: The Head Is Itchy To Blisters And Sores Appear When Scratched.?

my head feels itchy, but the itching is really too much, until I feel blisters and scabs on my head, why is that? What is curse or what?

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Itching on the head that is very great may indeed indicate that there are lice lodged in your head. These head lice are often transmitted from other lice sufferers when you are in close contact with them (for example sleeping together) or also exchanging certain personal items (such as towels, hats, hoods, etc.). After flying from one patient to another sufferer, these lice can remove toxins that cause very itchy skin, resulting in sufferers want to continue to scratch it again and again. As a result, of course the scalp can be injured even to form a scab. If left without proper treatment, it is feared that these wounds can later develop secondary infections so they runny or festering. Not only that, the lice on your scalp are also very risky to spread to other people who come in close contact with you, both directly and indirectly.

In addition to head lice, the itching you feel on your head may also be caused by other causes, such as tinea capitis, seborrheic dermatitis, scabies, folliculitis, insect bites, allergies, irritation, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, and so on.

Unfortunately, you did not clarify, besides itching, what other complaints did you experience? Do other people around you also experience similar complaints? How long have you experienced itching? Does it also spread to other body parts? Therefore, it is difficult for us to identify the exact possibility of the cause of your complaint.

We suggest that you first try to resolve your complaint with the following steps:

Does not scratch the scalp, although it feels itchy, especially with sharp nails
Take a diligent bath
Wash your hair regularly 1 to 2 days, keeping your scalp from drying out and not excessive sweating
Choose the right hair and scalp care products, be it shampoo, moisturizer, and so on
Do not first modify excessive hair, before being declared safe by a doctor
Avoid exchanging hats, headgear or other personal items with others
Improve personal hygiene and your environment

If within 3 days or more your complaint still does not improve, we recommend that you consult yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist at the nearest health facility, right? The doctor who checks you directly later who will provide the right treatment for you, for example by administration of anti-flea, anti-itch, etc.

Hope this helps ...

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