The Head Is Lumpy And Feels Sore?

Illustration of The Head Is Lumpy And Feels Sore?
Illustration: The Head Is Lumpy And Feels Sore?

Hello, I am 16 years old this year. I often banged my neck until it cracked many times. One day I felt that my neck was often sore and between my head and neck I often hurt. I also frequently hit my head against the wall, so my head has bumps and lots of uneven surfaces (sunken in). How about it? What should I do ?

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Hello Angeline Zhuang, thank you for asking I will try to answer your question.

Frequently hitting the head can also be referred to as a head injury, where this occurs when an external impact hits the structure of the head, and has the potential to cause impaired brain function. The resulting conditions range from bruising on the scalp, swelling, bleeding, dislocation, skull fracture and concussion, depending on the mechanism and severity of the injury.

Based on the severity of the head injury, it is divided into 3 levels, namely:

Mild head injury: injuries that cause temporary disturbance of brain function, such as dizziness, dizziness, nausea, difficulty remembering moments. Moderate head injury: injury that causes temporary disturbance of brain function and is the same as minor head injury, only it takes longer. Severe head injury: head injury that causes severe disturbance (behavior change and paralysis), potentially leading to death. According to the information you conveyed, indeed the head injury you experienced is still classified as a minor head injury. Actually, minor head injuries do not require special treatment, it is enough to get complete rest and be monitored for 24 hours. Are there any additional symptoms that are a sign of danger so that they must be immediately taken to the hospital to get the right treatment. Conditions that must be watched out for after a head injury and must get immediate help include:

Seizures loss of consciousness Speech / speech disorders but not understood by other people loss of balance / ability to walk normally blurred vision discharge from the ears or nose vomiting body is very weak / powerless etc. It is better to know whether the lump is a result of frequent head hits and whether The lump is dangerous or not to check with the nearest doctor. So that the conditions resulting from neck and head pain and head collisions can be avoided and can be treated appropriately.

While the neck often makes a sound when it is moved, it is a condition caused by several things, namely

stretching too hard or suddenly can cause the connective tissue in the neck to make a "crack" sound. air bubbles that are released in the joint space of the neck area which causes a sound when the neck is moved. There is a shift in joints, inflammation of the spine, reduced flexibility between the vertebrae. Because it is not easy to determine the cause of the "crack" sound in the neck when moved, it is necessary to have a direct examination by a doctor to assess your spine, neck and head. Examinations include medical interviews and in-person physical examinations, and there may be other additional examinations such as laboratory checks, Rongten's photos, or CT scans.

Meanwhile, what you need to do to prevent conditions that are more severe than the condition of your neck and head is

avoid moving the neck suddenly / too strong for any purpose, including reducing neck pain, adequate rest, avoid using a pillow that is too high so that the head and neck muscles do not tense up and feel pain. A little explanation I hope it helps, thank you. That's all

dr. Ciptanti

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