The Head Of The Child’s Penis Is Red And Slightly Bulging?

Illustration of The Head Of The Child’s Penis Is Red And Slightly Bulging?
Illustration: The Head Of The Child’s Penis Is Red And Slightly Bulging?

my son’s head is red and slightly puffy … he says itchy. Why is that? My child is 3 years old

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Complaints of the penis head flushed and slightly bulging indicate inflammation. Several things can cause inflammation of the penis head, including:

Bacterial infections such as balanitis

Fungal infections
Irritation due to underwear or other material
Insect bite
Allergy to certain ingredients such as soap

To determine the obvious cause, a thorough examination must be carried out. Medical interviews, complete physical examination, and additional examinations carried out by doctors so that it can be concluded a possible cause. This will determine the type of handling going forward.

Given the Corona outbreak is happening, you should postpone seeing a doctor and maximize early treatment at home, unless there is an emergency situation such as complaints accompanied by high fever or persistent pain.

Things to do at home:

Warm compresses that are inflamed / reddened
Maintain cleanliness of the child's penis
Make sure the child consumes healthy and nutritious food
If accompanied by itching, do not let the child scratch because it can cause secondary infections
Paracetamol can be given if the complaint is accompanied by pain

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