The Head Often Hurts After An Accident 4 Years Ago?

Illustration of The Head Often Hurts After An Accident 4 Years Ago?
Illustration: The Head Often Hurts After An Accident 4 Years Ago?

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Okay Eka, I understand how you feel. Headache is a complaint that is often experienced by someone after experiencing a head injury. Headaches after a head injury can occur intermittently for a short time or last a long time (more than 1 year after the injury occurred)

Headaches can occur in minor, moderate to severe injuries. It occurs due to a variety of conditions, including changes in the brain caused by the injury, injuries to the neck and skull that have not fully healed, tension, stress, or side effects of medications.

You should know that post-injury headaches can occur in 70% of patients with minor head injuries. Based on research, most of these post-injury headaches are often not related to the injury sustained, but rather the result of other injuries sustained at the same time including trauma to the head, jaw, and / or neck.

Although there are many other types of headaches, here are some types of headaches that generally occur after a head injury:

1. Migraines: migraines can occur due to changes in blood flow in the brain. Genetic factors can increase the incidence of migraines after head injury. Usually causes a throbbing headache sensation, can be accompanied by nausea and / or vomiting, is sensitive to light and can be preceded by an aura (warning signals such as a migraine coming)

2. Tension Type Headache: headache like tightness or tension felt in various areas of the head. Stress, difficulty concentrating and depression are often associated with this type of headache

3. Cervical / cervicogenic headache: when the injury occurs to the muscles and soft tissues around the neck and back of the head. Many of the nerves located in the tissues and bones of the neck have branches that travel to the skull and scalp and cause headaches

You don't need to worry, because in treating all types of headaches there is no need to use drugs or other therapies in the initial steps. Many lifestyle factors can trigger headaches or make headaches worse. Some things that can be done at home before administering medicines include:

Enough sleep.

Avoid caffeine.

Avoid alcohol

Avoid certain foods that can trigger headaches

You can take pain relievers such as paracetamol to help deal with your complaints when they occur. Although headaches are not a dangerous condition, you should consult a doctor immediately if your headaches get worse, frequent nausea and / or vomiting, weakness in your feet, hands or difficulty speaking during the headache occurs.

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