The Healing Period For A Sprained Hand?

Illustration of The Healing Period For A Sprained Hand?
Illustration: The Healing Period For A Sprained Hand?

Hi my name is deni age 13 years I want to ask if the sprained hand is not too sick anymore discharged in the massage / massage whether it will be healthy or still sick again and how long if the sprained hand is healed.

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Hello Selvi, thank you for consulting with our team of doctors on the web.

Basically a sprain or other language is dislocated injury is a ligament (connective tissue between one bone with another bone, or between bones with joints). The condition can be caused by physical activity that is wrong or because of improper physical activity. Symptoms that arise in the sprain depend on the severity, including pain, swelling and bruising. In addition, the movement becomes very limited to the affected joint only, and sometimes when the injury will be heard a sound that occurs in the joints.

Actually, handling the correct sprains is by:

Protect: protect the wrist by using protective equipment that is usually used to protect the ankle, knee and elbow Rest / rest: resting the joint for 2-3 days after injury Ice / ice: compress using ice immediately after an injury occurs, do it during 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours for 2-3 days. It aims to block inflammation so that the bruising and pain does not worsen and spread Compression / bandaging: In order to reduce swelling, wrap the sprained area by using an elastic bandage for up to 2 days after injury, avoid using a bandage that is too tight so that blood circulation is still maintained lanar. And don't forget to take off the bandage just before you sleep. Elevation / raise: keep the sprained joint position to be slightly up, can use a support such as arm slings if a sprain occurs on the wrist for 1-2 days, this can be useful to reduce swelling. In addition, avoid several things over the next 3 days to speed up the recovery process, including:

Heat / heat: such as hot showers, saunas, and hot compresses, which will trigger blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow so that it can worsen inflammation and bruising Alcohol: alcohol consumption can inhibit recovery Running / running: avoid activities like running to some time so that the injury does not experience worsening Massage / massage: massage in the area of ​​the sprain may be done after 3 days after injury, this is because on the day after the swelling occurs around the sprained area, so that if massaged there will be a risk of causing a bleeding process, and repair will take a very long time. The massage that you do is actually not recommended especially if the massage is given less than 3 days after sprains, it can trigger a risk of worsening as we have explained above. If now it's okay and don't complain, it is possible that the sprain has indeed improved. But it is better to still do a total rest on the sprained joint so that no swelling in the area occurs again. Because the possibility for swelling again is still there, although now it has improved. And avoid some things like we have mentioned above so that the sprained ligaments can improve completely.

The repairs needed cannot be clearly ascertained, because the repair response from one person to another is very different, and it depends on the extent of the injury, its severity, and which joints are affected, due to large joints, healing requires quite a long time compared to a small joint, it is caused by the function of the movement of each joint is very different, and will become larger in large joints as well.

It is better if you see a doctor to make sure that what you feel is just sprained and does not hurt the bones. And if you feel unbearable or longer-lasting pain, then you should immediately see a doctor for examination and additional examinations such as Rongten's photo to ensure there are no broken or broken bones.

So that we can convey, hopefully it helps. Thanks.

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