The Healing Period For Gonorrhea?

Illustration of The Healing Period For Gonorrhea?
Illustration: The Healing Period For Gonorrhea?

Hello wr wb r nSorry I want to ask, I have checked with a doctor for complaints of gonorrhea and I was given 2x injections and given antibiotic tablets. After the medicine runs out I still release fluid but very little and the genitals are not too painful to urinate but there is still a little pain and a bit itchy … do I have to see a doctor and have to seek treatment again? Has my gonorrhea started to improve or is it recovering?

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Neisseria gonorrhea can be experienced by anyone, especially those who have had risky sex, whether vaginal, anal or oral sex. This disease, which is often called gonorrhea, often affects the urinary tract, causing the sufferer to experience pain or itching during urination accompanied by abnormal discharge from the urethra that resembles pus. Not only that, gonorrhea can also cause sufferers to experience chills, stinging urine, lower abdominal pain, low back pain, and various other complaints. In addition to infecting the urinary tract, this bacterium can also infect the anus, throat, or conjunctiva.

Management of gonorrhea can be done by administering antibiotics by oral route or injection. In addition, other treatments can also be done according to complaints that arise in patients. Not only drug consumption, gonorrhea healing also needs to be focused on changing patterns of sexual activity, namely by avoiding sexual relations before being declared cured, and no longer repeating sexual behavior that risks transmitting a sexually transmitted infection.

Signs of the patient has recovered from gonorrhea can be observed clinically from the improvement of symptoms that appear. It could also be done further tests, using urine samples or urethral secretions to find out whether there are still residual bacteria that have not been eradicated properly in the body. Therefore, the determination of this cure should be done directly by a doctor or specialist skin and genitals. When judging at a glance from the information you submit, there is indeed an improvement from the complaint you experience. However, the still emergence of complaints could be a sign that healing is not optimal. Therefore, check yourself back to the doctor huh ..

At this time, you should focus on avoiding activities that are at risk of causing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Also improve the cleanliness of your sex organs well. Do not forget to drink more, and consume healthy and nutritious food so that the immune system is more prime.

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