The Heart Has Bacteria?

Illustration of The Heart Has Bacteria?
Illustration: The Heart Has Bacteria?

At night, doctor, I want to ask, my husband has a heart disease, the valve has bacteria, the valve is leaking a little, I think “what is the medicine, docter, the shortness of breath continues, the doctor suggested that my husband be operated, is there a way out other than surgery … ?? Please love the solution is yes .. Thanks

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Heart disease can consist of various diseases. From what you experience, the presence of bacteria in the heart may be an IE (infective endocarditis). IE is an infection that occurs in the lining of the heart, which is caused by a bacterial infection. IE can occur in a previously healthy heart, or it can occur in a heart that already has an abnormality. IE can cause valve problems such as leaky valves (regurgitation).

Leaking valve disease can cause various symptoms depending on the severity of the leak, and depending on what valve is leaking. In general, a leaky valve can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue when activities, unable to lie flat, nausea, vomiting, weakness.

Leaking valve disease cannot be treated with drugs alone. Leaking valve disease requires surgery to resolve it. Especially if your doctor recommends surgery, the valve may be leaking quite heavily.

So it is recommended that you follow the instructions of your cardiologist. It is not recommended to take any medicine because it can make the situation worse, including not taking any traditional medicines.

Here's an article you can read about heart valve disease

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