The Heart Often Beats Suddenly

Illustration of The Heart Often Beats Suddenly
Illustration: The Heart Often Beats Suddenly

I feel my heart beat a lot once in a while, is that normal? Or are there symptoms of heart disease?

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A sudden heartbeat, if only occasionally occurs, and not accompanied by annoying complaints, such as tightness, chest pain, fatigue, excessive sweating, blurry vision, weakness, nausea, etc., may not be dangerous. Could be, tightening your heartbeat for a moment indicates increased heart activity, for example due to shock, excessive physical activity, consumption of stimulants, and so on.

Conversely, if complaints are recurring very often or appear accompanied by a variety of symptoms above, it is likely that there are problems in your heart, for example due to abnormalities of the heart valve, heart rhythm disorders, heart swelling, weakness of the heart, heart attacks, and so on. It could also be, your complaint occurs because of other reasons that turur affect heart function, for example, electrolyte balance disorders, thyroid gland disorders, psychological disorders, and so on.

To improve, you try the following tips first:

Compress warm areas of your heart if complaints recur
Cultivate exercise at least 30 minutes a day so that the heart is healthier
Don't think too much, relax regularly
Eat a variety of healthy foods, rich in vegetables and fruit, do not over-eat bad fatty foods and caffeinated drinks
Sleep early and regularly
Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and stimulants (for example drugs or certain energy drinks)

However, if you feel your complaint is very disturbing and accompanied by other complaints as we have explained above, it would not hurt you to go see a doctor directly. However, considering that currently outbreaks of COVID-19, you should pay attention to your personal safety when seeing a doctor so that your risk of contracting the disease is even smaller, for example by first checking yourself at the nearest health facility (no need to go directly to the hospital), wearing a mask and clean clothes, diligently wash your hands, and keep your distance from those around you. If necessary, the doctor can recommend that you further check with an internist or a cardiologist.

Hope this helps ...

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