The Heart Often Palpitates And Sweats Cold But The Examination Results Are Normal?

Illustration of The Heart Often Palpitates And Sweats Cold But The Examination Results Are Normal?
Illustration: The Heart Often Palpitates And Sweats Cold But The Examination Results Are Normal?

Good afternoon. A few days ago I experienced a heart that often pounded until I had to be hospitalized while checking my whole body. And the doctor said that my condition was normal. I have repeatedly checked into hospitals related to my heart and again the results were normal. But why do I often experience heart palpitations until I sweat cold?

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Heart palpitations are symptoms that often make a person feel uncomfortable and worried. In this condition, the heart rate increases in frequency and feels like an irregularity. In general, there are several possibilities that can cause heart palpitations, including:

Heavy physical activity
Side effects of foods / drinks / products that are stimulant, for example caffeine in coffee, energy drinks, cigarettes, alcohol
Side effects of certain drugs
Fever or increased body temperature
Anemia, which is a lack of red blood cells so that the body's cells lack oxygen supply
Decreased blood glucose level (hypoglycemia)
Lack of body fluids (dehydration)
Heart rhythm disorders
Impaired hormonal balance, for example excess thyroid hormone
Impaired electrolyte balance in the body
Psychological problems, such as stress, anxiety disorders, panic disorders

Heart rate / heart rate in adults normally ranges between 60-100 times per minute. However, pulse evaluation not only assesses the frequency and strength / weakness of the pulse, but also includes other components, namely the regularity and equality (equality) of the pulses on the four limbs (arms and legs on both sides). Examination of the pulse rate can not be determined only on the basis of a single examination, but it needs regular monitoring and examination of other vital signs to conclude the patient's health condition.

As long as there are no symptoms / complaints that accompany palpitations, you don't need to worry too much. We recommend that you adopt a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a normal weight range, eating a balanced nutritious diet, and exercising regularly. To help reduce the symptoms of palpitations, you can apply the following steps:

Avoid consumption of foods / drinks that are stimulant, including coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal drugs
Perform relaxation techniques, for example: sit cross-legged and inhale slowly through the nose and then throw it out slowly also through the mouth, do it repeatedly until it feels calm
Perform vagal mauver, but this method can only be done if you have consulted a doctor first, for example: splash cold water on the face or cold compress the face with a cold towel or ice for 20-30 seconds. Make sure you consult your doctor about this method before doing so
Drink enough water
Eat balanced nutritious food regularly

Immediately consult a doctor if your heart palpitations are accompanied by chest pain that spreads to your left arm / shoulder / neck / jaw and cold sweat, heavy breathing difficulties when lying down, cold palpable feet, or decreased consciousness. To enrich insights, you can read articles about palpitations. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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