The Heart Rate Is Below Normal Or Less Than 60?

Illustration of The Heart Rate Is Below Normal Or Less Than 60?
Illustration: The Heart Rate Is Below Normal Or Less Than 60?

In the morning, I wanted a blood donor last night, when I checked the officer said the pulse was 53 so it couldn’t be done for the donor … normally 80 officers said. I asked what was the cause, said the officer might be tired. from the pulse of 53 it is dangerous what is it … to reach until the number 80 it takes a long time or not how to do it. please explain.

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Hello, ALFIYAN, thank you for consulting us on Heartbeats below normal or less than 60 are referred to as bradycardia. Generally in adult humans a normal heart rate is around 60-100 times in one minute. Usually a slowing heart rate is asymptomatic, but if it often occurs and is accompanied by an abnormal heartbeat or arrhythmia, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible because it can cause interference with other organs in the body whose blood supply is not met. Because of this unmet blood supply, symptoms such as:

hard to breathe
chest pain
passed out
easily tired
pale skin

Generally slowed heart rate due to the position of relaxation as in people who are sleeping, or it can be in someone who has a high level of fitness such as an athlete. However, if bradycardia is accompanied by symptoms as we mentioned then it could be because of a disturbance in the electrical activity of the heart. In addition to smoking and the use of certain drugs that can cause electrical disturbances to the heart, bradycardia is also caused by:

increasing age
complications of heart surgery
bitten or stung by sea animals
certain medical conditions such as low blood pressure, heart attacks, congenital heart defects, hypothyroidism, anorexia, excess potassium in the blood, brain hemorrhage, stroke, sleep apnea.

For your condition, we recommend that you consult a doctor directly so that you are examined and other additional examiners carried out to ensure that you are bradycardia or not. Usually the doctor will perform other supporting examinations such as conducting ECG tests to check the flow of electricity to the heart. So if you have known the exact cause then you will do the appropriate treatment whether it is due to thyroid disorders, or because of other conditions. Thus we can convey, hopefully it can be taken into consideration for you. thanks.

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