The Heel Is Numb And The Little Toe Is Numb?

Illustration of The Heel Is Numb And The Little Toe Is Numb?
Illustration: The Heel Is Numb And The Little Toe Is Numb?

r nI want to ask, I work as a waitress in a restaurant which requires me to stand for more than 8 hours every day (I weigh 90kg) r nBut over time I feel my little toes and heels go numb r n Any suggestions what should I do before going to a doctor’s consultation? r nThank you

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Hi Nyanmaru,

Thank you for asking

Numbness (hypoesthesia) around the feet and heels can result from disturbances in the sensory nerves. This condition can occur partly due to inadequate blood supply to nerve cells, for example due to excessive pressure. It could be, this is related to the work activities that you do. Your fat body weight can make you complain of gaining weight because it causes a bigger load that must be supported by your feet.

In addition to excessive emphasis, your complaints may also arise as a result of other factors, for example:

Diabetes (a condition in which the body fails to produce the hormone insulin or experiences resistance to the work of the insulin hormone, so that blood sugar levels increase more than normal)

Stroke (neurological deficit caused by rupture or blockage of blood vessels in the brain)

Pinched nerve, for example due to herniation of the nucleus pulposus, tumor
Vitamin B deficiency
Excessive alcohol consumption

Multiple sclerosis (an autoimmune disorder that attacks the nerve protective membranes)
Infections, for example due to syphilis, HIV / AIDS, Lyme disease
Impaired kidney, liver, and so on

As an initial treatment, you can first undergo some of the following efforts so that the complaint gets better:

Avoid excessive emphasis in the leg area, namely by avoiding the use of tights, not standing too long, not using high heels or narrow shoes
If it is difficult for you to avoid long standing for work reasons, take lots of rest between your work (for example, when there are no customers), namely by sitting or lying down with your legs extended
Eat healthy and nutritious foods, especially those that contain lots of B vitamins, for example shellfish, crab, sea fish
Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
Lower your weight, namely by increasing exercise, reducing food portions and limiting high-calorie foods

In addition to the steps above, also check your complaint with a doctor or neurologist for optimal treatment. If necessary, the doctor will recommend that you undergo laboratory tests, X-rays, CT scans, and so on to find out the possible causes of your complaint and also determine the best treatment.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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