The Hole In The Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Illustration of The Hole In The Wisdom Tooth Extraction?
Illustration: The Hole In The Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Hello doctor, I just had wisdom teeth surgery 2 weeks ago, 2 upper and 2 lower, what I want to ask is the wisdom tooth extraction that was below the left, how come the hole is not closed huh? So the food came in and I had to get the leftovers out of the hole with a toothpick. Will the hole in the surgery be closed later? Thank you

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Hi Rizta,

Thank you for asking

In general, within 3 to 7 days after surgery, the hole where the wisdom tooth was extracted will close and will no longer leave an open wound. The process of closing this wound can be hampered due to several factors, including:

Not forming blood clots or releasing blood clots in the tooth extraction (dry socket)

Infection in the tooth extraction wound

Both of these conditions need to be treated directly by a dentist who specializes in oral surgery. Because, if not handled properly, the open wound on the tooth extraction mark can become a hotbed of infection that is prone to spread to the area around other teeth, even to distant organs. In addition, sufferers can experience various discomfort because of it, such as pain, swelling, bad breath, and so on.

Your habit of using a toothpick to remove food debris that enters the gap of the tooth extraction can make the wound on the gums bigger and more difficult to heal. Therefore, we recommend that you stop this habit and have your complaint checked directly with the dentist where you performed wisdom tooth surgery before ... If it is true that the cause is one of the two conditions above, then treatment can be done by drainage of the inflammatory tissue that has accumulated in the area. the hole, followed by the attachment of a special cover containing medicine so that the wound closes immediately. Next, you will be asked to be in control about 1 week post-treatment to assess the progress of therapy.

In the meantime, you should first avoid consuming foods that are too hard. If necessary, eat foods that are soft or even liquid, and chew on the other side of the tooth that heals better. Avoid using a straw for drinking, also avoid brushing your teeth or gargling too hard. If the pain is bothersome enough, you can first take paracetamol to relieve it.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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