The Ideal Weight For A 2 Month Old Baby?

Illustration of The Ideal Weight For A 2 Month Old Baby?
Illustration: The Ideal Weight For A 2 Month Old Baby? Bing

Hallo..rnMy son was born with a weight of 3.010 grams, when he was 1 month his weight increased to 3,300 grams, and now he is 2 months old and has 3,800 grams. grams. My child’s development is very active, his movements are very agile and he often babbles. I have consulted this with the DSA, but they said my baby was not breastfeeding. Even though it has been arranged very often. Currently I only give exclusive breastfeeding. Please answer yes.rnThank you

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Hello Mrs. Diannisa, thank you for your question

First, you need to note that the baby's weight at two weeks from birth will experience a slight decrease, but will gradually increase after the second to fourth week. Furthermore, the baby will experience weight gain of about 140-200 grams per week.

So if your baby weighs 3300 grams at the age of 1 month, and 3800 grams at the age of two months, it can be said that the average weight gain per week is about 125 grams, which means your baby's weight gain is still within a reasonable range.

Variations in baby weight gain can be caused by several things, including:

nutritional adequacy
baby activity
genetic factors

It is also important to monitor the growth of the baby's weight using the same scale each time, so that the numbers obtained are more precise.

What you do in giving your baby exclusive breastfeeding is very appropriate, but it is important to evaluate whether your baby has been able to suckle properly. Because some babies are often found in an old state when breastfeeding, but the breast milk that is sucked in is less than optimal. This is often influenced by an inappropriate breastfeeding position that affects the attachment of the baby's mouth to the mother's breast.

You can consult directly with your doctor or lactation counselor regarding the breastfeeding position so that you can re-evaluate breastfeeding for your baby.

Here I attach an interesting article related to your question, I hope it is useful:

sign that baby is getting enough milk

normal baby weight


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