The Impact Of Consuming Food With Excessive Portions?

Illustration of The Impact Of Consuming Food With Excessive Portions?
Illustration: The Impact Of Consuming Food With Excessive Portions?

good morning, please ask permission I am a student aged 20 years, when eating I often consume food with excess portions what is the bad impact of eating excess portions?

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Anything that is excessive is certainly not good, including excessive food portions.

Eating basically aims so that you can have enough energy to undergo activities. Therefore, how big your meal should be, this depends on what type of activities you do everyday. So, this can be very subjective.

If your daily activities are classified as standard, or even sitting too much for example, then you consume foods with excessive portions, especially if they contain excessive calories from your body's need to produce energy, then the excess calories will later be stored as fat in the body. This excess fat deposits, not only can make your body become fat, but also can increase your risk of experiencing various diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, stroke, heart attack, until sudden death. Clinically, this effect might not be felt immediately. However, slowly but surely, your body's stamina will certainly decrease because of it. The habit of eating too much can also cause stomach acid to more easily experience reflux (up again) into the esophagus, so that arises the symptoms of irritation, for example pain, heat, tightness, lumps, nausea, bloating, and so on that feels dominant in the upper abdomen, can also spread to the chest, throat, and back of the back.

Excessive or not the food you consume, is not only determined by the amount or small portion of your meal, but also the type of food, the calorie content, how to process it, and so on.

Instead, eat properly, tailored to your needs. If you still feel hungry, it is safer if you cultivate a small but frequent diet. Also multiply foods that contain complex carbohydrates and fiber so that your hunger can be delayed. Balance the consumption of these foods with enough exercise, do not smoke, do not stay up late, and do not also consume alcohol.

That's all our explanation. For more details, you can consult directly with a nutritionist doctor ...

I hope this helps.

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