The Impact Of Dawn Only With Instant Noodles?

Morning ,, is it true that we eat with instant noodles will make thirst faster when fasting? Why is that? because sometimes when it’s tight I like dawn with just instant noodles ….

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Hello Ika,

Food consumed at dawn does not always affect hunger and thirst when fasting. Thirst is more influenced by activities carried out, for example riding a motorcycle in hot weather conditions for a long time, walking and running a lot, or when body temperature rises. Lack of fluid that enters after breaking the fast can also make the body more vulnerable to thirst.

Even so, it's still not recommended to consume too much instant noodles. If only once in a while there is no problem. However, if instant noodles are consumed in excess, can cause several conditions such as inadequate nutritional intake, more at risk of obesity, too much intake of MSG, salt, coloring, and preservatives are also not good for health.

Here are some ways you can do to minimize thirst when fasting:

Meet the needs of fluids by drinking lots of water after breaking to the crackle, for example when breaking 2-3 cups, after breaking until going to bed 3-4 cups, and at dawn 2-3 glasses Try to keep the room temperature comfortable and not too hot Minimize driving during the day in the fasting month Avoid heavy activities Increase the intake of fruits that contain lots of water at dawn The good foods to consume at dawn include vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, cereals, fish, chicken, meat, and eggs . While foods that should be avoided at dawn include fried foods and oily foods, foods that are too sweet, and drinks that have the potential to be diuretic or cause more frequent urination, such as coffee and tea.

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