The Impact Of Early Childhood Has Begun To Masturbation To Adulthood?

Illustration of The Impact Of Early Childhood Has Begun To Masturbation To Adulthood?
Illustration: The Impact Of Early Childhood Has Begun To Masturbation To Adulthood?

Hello, Sya Olens wants to ask! R nWhat is the problem of a child who is familiar with sex trying to play with his genitals / masturbation? He feels pleasure but does not issue sperm (is there a problem?), Yes often does so until he has released sperm, and at that age he often do masturbation Hinga junior high habits or addicts Hinga do rough with hands or babtu tool. Instantly He felt guilty, sinful, lacked confidence, unhealthy or unhealthy (is this true?), he tried to stop it but it was hard, he was always committed and tried to start being released but did it again in high school so his genitals were swollen like fat clots. feel sick until 2 days. He was afraid when he heard of the socialization of EDS HIV disease that he was afraid that his sperm would be absent, and he would have such disease or injury (could that be?). He began to stop when he graduated from high school, he always thought well, but he still did it rarely, but he felt guilty until 18 years old. When he was 20 years old, he was afraid of masala with his offspring? He read the article asking people and the last time he did Masturbation only saw his sperm in 2x2mingu about this but he was not satisfied with just looking but he wanted to ask degan problem that he got, his genitals tilted his seeds looks 3 but one like a deflated ball when urinating will rise a little more than 2 seeds (is this prostate cancer?), 1 sperm tablespoon, thick white color but ad tiny granules rich in gelatinous or starch ? r nAp because this problem can be affected by disorders, or such as mental illness, physical weakness, mental, growth, gray hair, old-looking face, and hereditary problems. “Help” Help me gives understanding so that I can know the solution, Thank you very much for

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Hi Olens,

Thank you for asking

Sex education does need to start early. However, sex education certainly has stages, not solely related to sexual activity, such as masturbation or sexual relations with the opposite sex. In the early days, children need to be introduced to the differences between men and women, also give them an understanding of their sex, teach them shame when interacting with members of the opposite sex, make strict rules which parts of the body can be seen and touched opposite sex, and so on. When a child starts growing up, you can start giving him knowledge, about the function of his reproductive organs, how the process of menstruation, the formation of sperm cells, fertilization, and so on. With the right sex education, also obtained from the right sources, so as an adult, he can choose and sort out, which actions are good and bad for him.

Inadequate sex education, or taken from inappropriate sources (for example from watching porn) can make children fall into deviant sexual behavior, including what you mentioned, namely addiction to masturbation. This is certainly not good, not only for the psychic, but also for the physical person. Here are some of the bad effects that can be obtained from masturbation addiction:

Irritation or injury to the penis Pain around the genitals, groin, back, and lower abdomen Shrinkage of the forebrain
This condition occurs due to continuous brain stimulation by orotoxins. Symptoms that arise are usually in the form of difficulty making decisions, obstacles in thinking wisely, tend to behave impulsively and compulsively, decreased memory and concentration, decreased cognitive function. Sexual dysfunction, even infertility
This condition occurs due to the high sexual stimulation needed to make the sexually satisfying offender. As a result, he will more easily feel bored with real sexual activity, making it difficult to experience an erection and ejaculation. Psychological pressure, for example in the form of shame, guilt, and worry when the actions are known by others, etc. There is no limit on how normal masturbation is allowed in a day, a week, and so on. However, if you can leave this habit, of course this is much better for you. There are still many positive activities that you can do rather than be brave, for example by studying, working, organizing, worshiping, socializing with the environment, doing hobbies, honing your potential, and so on. First channel your excess sexual desire to these positive activities. Later, after marriage, you can channel your sexual desires in the right way. Choose a good social environment that does not bring you closer to the desire to re-masturbate.

An oblique looking penis that you experience can occur due to the formation of scar tissue around the penis. This condition usually occurs related to injuries, including injuries during masturbation. The appearance of 3 scrotum (testicles) that you experience can be a natural condition due to genetic abnormalities, or it could be due to the influence of scar tissue as mentioned above, due to varicocele, orchitis, epididymitis, testicular cancer, spermatocele, hydrocele, scrotalis hernia, and various other reasons. Meanwhile, the appearance of beads resembling that in your ejaculatory fluid may be a natural condition due to the clotting of ejaculatory fluid, or it could also indicate an infection in your reproductive tract.

Our advice, you consult yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in urology surgery so that the cause of your complaints is clear. With a comprehensive examination, of course the doctor can also give you the best treatment.

I hope this helps.

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