The Impact Of Getting Pregnant At 37 Years Old?

Illustration of The Impact Of Getting Pregnant At 37 Years Old?
Illustration: The Impact Of Getting Pregnant At 37 Years Old? Bing

Good afternoon, I would like to ask, if you are pregnant at the age of 37, the baby who will be born later is at risk of developing Down syndrome. How to deal with it (what to do when preparing for pregnancy) and whether Down syndrome is a hereditary disease.

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From the information you convey, Down syndrome is not a hereditary disease, but a genetic disorder that occurs due to abnormalities during fertilization and growth. The risk of Down syndrome will increase in mothers with gestational age above 35 years and especially having a previous child with Down syndrome.

And in general, in mothers over the age of 35 who are pregnant, the risk of pregnancy will be higher, especially for the health of the child and the mother herself. High-risk pregnancies can include:

1. premature birth

2. Low fetal weight

3. high blood pressure in pregnant women

4. Miscarriage

5. diabetes in pregnancy

6. twin pregnancy

7. genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome

Therefore, genetic disorders are not only related to Down syndrome, but are also associated with other genetic disorders, such as Turner syndrome.

However, with a healthy mother, healthy father, healthy family, the high risk of pregnancy can be minimized.

There are several things you can do to reduce the high risk of pregnancy, namely:

1. ideal body weight

2. exercise regularly

3. Optimal health condition, no metabolic disorders

4. pre-conception consultation or consultation before having sex or conception

5. genetic consultation with a specialist

Thus the information that we can convey, also read pregnancy over 35 years.


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