The Impact Of Glandular Tuberculosis Is Not Treated?

Illustration of The Impact Of Glandular Tuberculosis Is Not Treated?
Illustration: The Impact Of Glandular Tuberculosis Is Not Treated?

Good evening, I am rezky I am 24th. Last year I was convicted of glandular tuberculosis, I only took the drug for 10 days, now the lump initially shrank but grew again a lump on the top which is a bit bigger than the initial lump. What I want to ask, what would happen if I let this disease and whether this new lump that appeared dangerous. Thank you in advance. Good night.

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Hi Rezky,

Thank you for asking

Glandular tuberculosis (glandular tuberculosis, TB lymphadenitis) is an infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis that attacks the lymph nodes. This disease is characterized by inflamed lymph nodes that are swollen, reddish, feel warm, and also feel painful. The infected lymph nodes can be located in any part of the body, but the most common ones are in the neck, armpits, or groin area. In addition to inflamed lymph nodes, glandular TB will also make sufferers experience various other complaints, such as prolonged fever, excessive dryness, significant weight loss, weakness, fatigue, and so on.

Diagnosis of glandular tuberculosis is confirmed through various examinations, ranging from interviews, physical examinations, X-rays, biopsy, blood tests, and so on. If based on the results of your examination it is concluded that you have glandular tuberculosis, the doctor will give you an OAT (anti-tuberculosis drug) which contains a combination of antibiotics and vitamins that must be consumed regularly for at least 6 months.

Irregular consumption of OAT as you did before can cause the healing process to be hampered. This is what is likely causing the lump you are currently experiencing. If not treated properly, glandular TB has the potential to cause various side effects, such as suppuration (rupture and discharge of pus), or also the spread of infection to surrounding tissues, for example cellulitis (soft tissue infection), mediastinal abscess, purulent pericarditis, sepsis, and so on.

Apart from glandular TB that has not yet healed, it could also be the lumps you experience due to other infections (for example folliculitis, acne, warts), tumors (such as lipomas, fibromas, melanomas), keloids, and so on.

Therefore, you should check your condition again to a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor can re-evaluate your current condition. That way, the doctor can determine the best treatment according to your condition. In the meantime, don't over-hold, squeeze, or apply anything to the bumps that appear. This is a very risky procedure to irritate the lump or secondary infection, making it harder to heal. Increase your immune system by eating healthy and nutritious foods, taking regular breaks, exercising diligently, drinking enough, and not smoking.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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