The Impact Of Having Scoliosis And Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy?

Illustration of The Impact Of Having Scoliosis And Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy?
Illustration: The Impact Of Having Scoliosis And Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy?

Morning. I want to ask, I am still pregnant for 2 months. I also have scoliosis and a history of hemorrhoid. Will it affect my pregnancy and when I give birth? And what must I do to be able to keep my pregnancy until delivery? Are there sports or foods that can be recommended? thank you

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Normally hemorrhoids can occur during pregnancy due to the hormone progesterone which causes venous blood vessels to relax which makes it easy to dilate blood vessels around the anal area, as well as due to increased pressure in the pelvis. Especially when the pregnancy enters the third trimester because the uterus is getting bigger, the increase in pressure causes the veins around the anus to widen to form hemorrhoids. In these conditions hemorrhoids can disappear after delivery.

In pregnant women who previously have a history of hemorrhoids, most likely the degree and complaints of hemorrhoids during pregnancy at this time will gain weight. This condition may cause the mother to be uncomfortable during normal labor because of the increasing pain, so that labor can be considered by caesarean section. But that does not mean hemorrhoids are contraindicated to be able to give birth normally. Pregnant women with hemorrhoids can give birth normally.

Avoiding constipation is the key to preventing hemorrhoids or preventing more severe hemorrhoidal symptoms. Some tips to prevent constipation include:
1. Consumption of foods high in fiber
2. Consumption of more water.
3. Do not hold BAB.
4. Do not sit or stand for too long.
5. Do Kegel exercises every day
6. If the above measures cannot reduce the frequency of constipation, then ask your doctor to take a stool softener.

While related to the history of scoliosis, according to researchers the condition does not aggravate the condition of pregnancy. Scoliosis does not cause complications in pregnancy, childbirth, and newborns compared to pregnant women who do not experience scoliosis.

In addition, the condition of scoliosis does not increase the risk of miscarriage, congenital abnormalities, or live birth. Pregnancy is also known to not cause the degree of scoliosis to get heavier. Therefore there is no meaningful action for the condition of scoliosis in pregnancy because it is known to have no negative impact.

Regarding sports, exercise is an easy way to improve physical and mental health during pregnancy. Low impact sports such as walking, yoga, and swimming are considered safe by pregnant women in any trimester. During pregnancy do low impact exercise for 150 minutes a week which is divided into 30 minutes for 5 days a week.

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