The Impact Of Injecting Keloids During Pregnancy?

Good morning, I’m pregnant right now 4 months I am pregnant with my second child … When I was pregnant my first child in SC and obviously I don’t know if I have a history of keloids so now I am temporarily treating my keloids, is it okay if I get injected for healing keloid I paired me while pregnant ??? Please answer. Thank you

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Hello irma,

Thank you for the question.

Keloids grow due to excessive proliferating scar tissue, extending beyond the size of the wound and initial inflammation in the skin. Keloids can occur due to various wounds and inflammation in the skin, including post-cesarean section. The appearance of this keloid, it can be very disturbing appearance for some people. But actually this condition is not dangerous, and also not life threatening. Therefore, given the high risk of recurrence, if it is not urgent, doctors generally choose not to take invasive measures to treat the keloid, including injecting steroids, surgery, laser, frozen surgery, and so on.

With regard to your condition, given your condition when you are pregnant, we do not recommend that you carelessly provide treatment for your keloid, either by injection or other therapeutic modalities. Because of worry, the handling of keloids that you give can actually have a negative impact on the development of the fetus in your womb.

The good, if you really feel disturbed by your keloid, you first check yourself to the doctor or dermatologist huh. The doctor will be able to assess the urgency of giving keloid treatment to your condition, and sort out what type of treatment is safest to do, not just for you , but also for the fetus in your womb.

Hope this helps ...

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