The Impact Of Marital Relations During Miscarriage

Illustration of The Impact Of Marital Relations During Miscarriage
Illustration: The Impact Of Marital Relations During Miscarriage

Hello Doc I am Anaya, I want to ask Doc I had a miscarriage at the age of more than 2 months womb … now it is the 6th day Doc and I feel extreme pain under the stomach. at that time I often experienced pain Doc.

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First of all, I want to confirm beforehand, have you done an ultrasound examination to the candugan doctor and has it been confirmed that all the pregnancy tissue has come out? Have you stopped having sexual intercourse when your vaginal bleeding has stopped?

An ultrasound examination after a miscarriage is very important to be done to ensure that all of your pregnancy tissue has come out of the uterus. If the uterus is not completely clean, then you can experience bleeding and abdominal pain continuously. During bleeding after a miscarriage still occurs you are also not advised to have sexual relations first or insert any object into your vagina (including using tampons, washing the vagina soak with soap, certain chemicals, or certain herbs / traditional medicines). Having sexual intercourse or inserting something into the vagina while bleeding still occurs will increase the likelihood of infection in the uterus. Bleeding, abdominal pain, fever, malaise are symptoms that can be found if there is an infection in the uterus. Generally bleeding after a miscarriage will stop after 1-2 weeks, and doctors usually only recommend that sexual relations be done after 2 weeks after a miscarriage. Therefore having intercourse on the fifth day after a miscarriage is actually quite risky.

If indeed you feel severe pain in your lower abdomen, especially if you are still experiencing bleeding or if bleeding occurs again, or you have a fever, immediately check with your obstetrician for further evaluation and management. The examination should not be delayed. For now, you can reduce pain by taking mild pain medications such as paracetamol and compressing your lower abdomen with warm compresses. Do not have sexual relations first, and do not put anything in your vagina.

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