The Importance Of Medical Check Up?

Illustration of The Importance Of Medical Check Up?
Illustration: The Importance Of Medical Check Up?

Is a medical checkup important? What for ? Full medical check-up, can we check all the diseases we experience? How do I want to request a doctor for a medical check up? Because half a doctor he will ask why did you do a medical checkup? I answered what? Because I have never done a medical checkup, I am 25 years old .. But I want to know about all my illnesses that I have experienced ..

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Hello, Mr. Hero Cinderalla, thank you for asking

Medical check-ups are an overall examination of the body to make sure the body is in normal condition, and the hope is that if there is a disease or abnormality in the body it can be detected early. Medical check-ups are not required, but it is recommended to do it every 5 years for adults aged 18 to 40 years, and once every 1-3 years for adults over 40 years.

Examinations performed during medical check-ups are in the form of data collection regarding medical history, medical history, complete physical examination (from vital signs - blood pressure, pulse, temperature, breath - examination of the chest, stomach, and other organs, especially if you have complaints about certain organs), to supporting examinations such as x-rays to blood tests. Supportive examination is carried out if there are indications of the results of the physical examination and the results of the interview.

Usually, medical check cups are done as a condition for someone to do a certain job, or for people who want to know their general health. Tell your doctor that you want to be sure of your general health condition.

Here is an article about medical check-ups and things you need to know before medical check-ups, you can read them to add information.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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