The Incision Site For The Third Caesarean Section?

Illustration of The Incision Site For The Third Caesarean Section?
Illustration: The Incision Site For The Third Caesarean Section?

currently I am pregnant with my third child. My first and second children were born by caesarean section, and the scars were in the same place. My question is if I give birth to my third child, will the cesarean section incision be in the same place or not? If not, what is the cause, doctor? Thank you doctor ☺

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Caesarean section is an effort made to remove the baby if there is a certain complication. Caesarean section is done by making an incision in the abdomen to the uterus. Usually in the majority of cesarean sections, the incision is made in the lower abdomen.

If you have had 2 cesarean sections, and both operations are done in the same incision, then usually the 3rd caesarean section will be done at the same incision site. it aims to reduce scar tissue on your uterus.

In some cases, for example, there are complications such as a fragile uterus, uterine rupture (uterine rupture), or there is another disease in the abdominal area, this can cause the operation to be performed with a different incision site.

therefore, to be sure, you should ask your gynecologist directly, so that the doctor can provide more precise information according to your circumstances.

the following article that you can read about cesarean section

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