The Influence Of Sex Style On Cysts And Poor Sperm?

Illustration of The Influence Of Sex Style On Cysts And Poor Sperm?
Illustration: The Influence Of Sex Style On Cysts And Poor Sperm?

Ass. Doctor whether style in sex has an effect on having a child with poor sperm and cysts

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There are many things that can affect being able to get pregnant or have children, both from the side of the female partner or from the side of the male partner. Things that can influence include:

uterine health condition, whether there are cysts, myoma, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation
the shape of a woman's uterus, in a certain shape, the sex style can affect, there must be a special sex style so that sperm can enter the uterus properly
the condition of the egg, whether the egg that is produced is good, round and ideal in size to be fertilized
hormonal influence, affecting the ovulation process
use of family planning, inhibits ovulation
Excess weight / obesity in women or men can affect fertility
fertile period in women, the more likely pregnancy occurs during the fertile period of women, usually occurs 10-15 days after the first day of the last menstruation
the health condition of the female sex organs, whether there is abnormal vaginal discharge due to bacterial, parasitic or fungal infection, if any prevents pregnancy
the condition of the male sperm, judged by the number of sperm, sperm shape, sperm motion

To find out the factors that influence the occurrence of this pregnancy, if you have a difficult condition to get pregnant, namely 1 year after marriage, there is no pregnancy with routine sexual intercourse, it is necessary to have an examination with an obstetrician to check the health of both partners, from the partner's side. Women are examined for the condition of the uterus whether the shape of the uterus is normal, whether there are abnormalities of cysts, myoma, etc., whether the condition of the eggs is good, whether there is discharge Also from the side of the male partner checked the health condition of the sperm.

If it is known that vaginal discharge has to be treated, or if there is a TORCH infection, it must be found out and must be treated. If there is a cyst or myoma, it must also be monitored and the location and size of whether it interferes with the pregnancy or not, if it is thought to interfere with pregnancy, then the alternative is to remove the cyst or myoma, this must be based on the results of the examination and consultation with the examining doctor. hormonal factors there are also drugs that will be given according to the conditions obtained. We recommend that you check further conditions.

Some things you need to pay attention to:

watch the menstrual cycle and calculate when the fertile period
do sexual intercourse during the fertile period 3-4 times a week, during the fertile period
eat nutritious food
regular exercise
keep the intimate organs clean
avoid tension or excessive stress
avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, affecting sperm quality

read things about how to get pregnant quickly, infertility, cysts

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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