The Initial Characteristic Of Someone Who Has Multiple Personalities?

Illustration of The Initial Characteristic Of Someone Who Has Multiple Personalities?
Illustration: The Initial Characteristic Of Someone Who Has Multiple Personalities?

I want to ask, I feel that I have multiple personalities, but when I searched here there was no similar thing about my illness. Starting with me, I was a fussy kid, but there was a time when I turned myself into a very quiet person and I couldn’t change it to my active nature?

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Hello, Rendy Anggara, thank you for asking

Multiple personalities are personality disorders where a person has more than one personality. In sufferers of multiple personalities, one's personality / identity can actually change and is usually followed by episodes of amnesia / loss of memory before personality changes. To diagnose multiple personalities is not easy, even for psychiatrists. A series of tests must be carried out both psychologically and physically and through a process that is not short.

Meanwhile, changes that occur in someone from being talkative to being very quiet can be a fluctuation / up and down of one's mood / feelings. This can be influenced by various factors, for example: there are events that are very pleasant, very sad, the influence of the interlocutor, environmental situations, physical conditions (eg being unwell), hormonal influences, the influence of certain drugs, or there are mental health disorders which disturbs the mood like bipolar or depression. If these mood changes disrupt life's productivity, interfere with your social relationships, or interfere with other aspects of life, then you may consult a doctor or psychiatrist for this problem.

However, if you don't want to consult, you can do the things below to get more stable emotions and feelings:

1. Look for things that trigger mood changes in yourself and eliminate / avoid them

2. Familiarize a healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, adequate rest and sleep, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, avoid illegal drugs, and consume healthy foods

3. Meditation, relaxation, and worship in accordance with beliefs

4. Allocate time for something useful (for example: participating in charitable activities, organizations, etc.), doing hobbies / things that you like

5. Looking for friends who can be trusted to hear your complaints. Or if you are a closed person, you can write your complaints in a diary or in other ways that fit your personality.

If these methods do not work, or the condition is getting worse, then you can consult a doctor or psychiatrist to be given the appropriate treatment.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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