The Jaw Hardens And Stiff After A Motorcycle Accident?

Illustration of The Jaw Hardens And Stiff After A Motorcycle Accident?
Illustration: The Jaw Hardens And Stiff After A Motorcycle Accident?

Good morning, I want to ask first 2 years ago when my jaw motor accident happened to be sick, stiff can not be moved after the CT Scan there was no problem said the doctor. And now suddenly my jaw is stiff in the bone close to the ear and feels pain. How to handle it?

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Complaints of the jaw area that are stiff or hard may be a temporomendibular joitn syndrome or TMJ syndrome. TMJ syndrome is defined as a complaint of pain in the jaw area that can be caused by certain medical conditions. A history of trauma or a history of previous trauma can trigger this TMJ syndrome complaint. Some complaints that are often felt in patients with TMJ syndrome can include jaw area pain, swelling around the jaw area, spasm or stiffness of the jaw area, an unusual sound when the jaw moves, or a jaw joint displacement.
Besides being triggered by TMJ syndrome, several other conditions can also cause almost the same complaints, such as:
1. an infection of the salivary glands in the area around the jaw
2. gum abscess
3. jaw bone fracture or dislocation of the jawbone
4. cellulitis or inflammation of the skin tissue and connective tissue
You should consult your family doctor or consult your bone surgeon directly. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations, and plan supporting examinations if needed. If you have your old CT scan results, you should also show your bone surgeon as an evaluation of your current condition. The results of the examination will be a reference for your doctor to determine the cause, provide further treatment and treatment to be provided.
For now, it's best to avoid physical fatigue, avoid stress and you can apply warm water to your jaw area. Perform relaxation and light massage on the jaw area to help reduce the muscle and joint strain of your jaw area.
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