The Jaw Is Sore And The Tongue Feels Like It Is Touching The Throat?

Hello doctor. My name is fingerprint. NDoctor, I suffered from oral thrush on the lower left side of the gum. I like to scratch my canker sores with my tongue. Well, I don’t know, it’s getting here when I eat how come my jaw is a little sore. Then I also felt the base of my tongue like it touched my throat so it was uncomfortable. Could you please provide a solution? thank you

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Thrush is a condition that occurs quite often. Thrush can be caused due to trauma such as a bite to the mouth, irritation of the mouth or due to a fungal infection of the oral cavity.

If you frequently scratch or touch thrush with your tongue, and currently feel discomfort in the throat area when your tongue touches it, then it may be due to tired tongue muscles. The tongue consists of muscles that can be moved at will. The tongue also acts as a sense of taste. If you frequently move your tongue to canker sores or to the back of your throat, if you do this often, it can cause the tongue muscles to become tired. This is something that is normal, and usually disappears within a few days.

In addition, there may also be canker sores in the back of your throat. Thrush can occur in the back of the mouth (close to the throat). This can cause pain and discomfort in the throat.

Several other causes can also cause your condition such as:

laryngitis / acute pharyngitis
acute inflammation of the tonsils
oral candidiasis

therefore, if your condition does not improve within 2-3 days, you should see a doctor directly so that the doctor can check your condition directly. Thus the doctor can provide the right therapy for you.

It is recommended that you do not consume drinks that are too hot. Do not smoke. Drink enough water at least 2 liters per day. Do not touch thrush with the tongue continuously.

Here's an article that you can read about Sprue

may be useful. Thank you

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