The Jaw Still Looks Advanced After Using Stirrup For 2 Years?

Illustration of The Jaw Still Looks Advanced After Using Stirrup For 2 Years?
Illustration: The Jaw Still Looks Advanced After Using Stirrup For 2 Years?

Hello I am rhevy at the age of 24, I have used stirrup 2 years and have been removed but my jaw is still looking forward Because my jaw is thick So the solution is so that the jaw will not be broken, what do I do? I saw on Google the solution is only one jaw surgery. Is it good?

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Hi Rhevy,

Thank you for asking

One effort that can be done to improve the position of the upper jaw that is far more advanced than the lower jaw (tonggos) is by installing braces (stirrup). With proper care, the installation of these braces can make the teeth structure neater, and the jaw arrangement is more balanced between the top and bottom. The duration of the braces required to achieve optimal results can certainly vary depending on the severity of the condition of your jaw and teeth, braces performed, the competency of the operator that performs, and various other factors.

In addition to the use of braces, in rare conditions, surgery can also be done to overcome the problems in the jaw as you experience. This effort is usually done at the final stage after conservative efforts have not been successful in resolving your complaint. Of course, as with other medical procedures, this surgery is not without risk. Therefore, surgery is rarely recommended, unless the jaw position abnormality completely interferes with your function.

It is better if you consult directly with the nearest dentist to find the best solution.

I hope this helps.

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