The Jawbone Is Seen After Odontectomy?

Illustration of The Jawbone Is Seen After Odontectomy?
Illustration: The Jawbone Is Seen After Odontectomy?

Good night, on January 22, 2020 yesterday I did tooth odontectomy 38 at the spBM doctor, and today is entering day 27, all complaints are not felt except drinking cold / warm water feels aching in the post-surgery area. Tonight I see a surgical scar, but I see around the gum wall there is food scraps I try to clean, it turns out after I clean I see like my jawbone, and I can see the gums that are still open. I try to clean it deeper and bleed immediately. Questions: 1. Is this normal? 2. Is it possible for me to experience dry socket? 3. Until when does this condition continue and when should I go to the dentist? Thank you.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at If what you experience is really visible jaw bones, bleeding and there are parts of the gums that are open, then obviously it's not normal. But we can't confirm anything like this without checking you directly, because it needs to be sure that what you suspect is actually bone, which you think is not closed is really open gums, and there really is injury causing bleeding.

Therefore, ideally you should go back to the doctor who treated you before, for a direct examination to confirm and determine further treatment. For dry sockets, these are usually not visible from the outside, and rather than bleeding, dry sockets are more annoying because of the pain, even if you are not consuming anything. So what you are experiencing may not be a dry socket, but other conditions, but we can't be sure if we don't see it directly.

If you are constrained to return to the doctor who performed the surgery on you, then it is no problem to go to any dentist who makes it easy for you, just to be examined and the diagnosis determined. If later the dentist suggests that this is better handled directly by the doctor who treated you before, at least the dentist has provided temporary treatment so you can return to your doctor.

In the meantime, do not pry up the relevant parts, use a soft bristled toothbrush, avoid consuming food or drinks that are too hot or cold, and if there is bleeding that is difficult to stop, immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room. So, hopefully answering your question.

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