The Joints Of The Hands And Feet Feel Weak?

Illustration of The Joints Of The Hands And Feet Feel Weak?
Illustration: The Joints Of The Hands And Feet Feel Weak?

Morning. I want to ask. I hope to read my complaint first. A few days ago I was sick. High fever (39.5) and stomach acid. thank you God has gradually improved. But when it improved, my hands felt painful or heavy to move. I can’t do my usual activities. I have a 4 month baby. Go to the doctor at the clinic dkt rmh. He said rheumatism. But there aren’t any bumps. Ordinary aj. About why, can I do that?

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Pain in the joints is pain in the area that connects bone to bone. Pain in the joints needs to be known since when experiencing joint pain, the location of joint pain experienced, the characteristics of pain experienced (throbbing, such as cramps / interest, such as stabbing, accompanied by a sense / sensation of shock), factors that can be expected to trigger, other complaints that occur experienced, and treatment that has been done to relieve complaints of joint pain experienced.

Some possible causes of joint pain that you experience include:

Injury to the ligament, tendon, muscle, or joint area associated with pain. Can be caused by extreme use, heavy lifting, or severe impact.
Rheumatoid arthritis. Generally accompanied by morning pain that improves after walking.
Arthritis, caused by too high uric acid levels, can cause lumps due to the buildup of uric acid crystals.
Osteoarthritis, a condition due to aging or degenerative disease, is characterized by narrowing of the joint gap and the formation of osteophytes.
The accumulation of fluid such as blood in the joint space due to trauma / impact.
An infection in the joint area that causes pain and swelling in the joint.
Dislocation of joints.
Disorders of the nervous system near joint areas that cause pain.

In recent joint pain, it can be caused by fatigue, post-viral / bacterial infection, and after too much exercise. Please also note, in the condition of rheumatoid arthritis is not always accompanied by a lump, but a lump in the joint can also appear if the inflammation that occurs in the joint area is large enough.

It is recommended to keep doing the treatment regimen given by a doctor, if you still experience the same complaint, can take control again related to your complaint. It is recommended not to do activities that are too heavy, you can use the PRICE method to deal with joint pain that you experience, namely:

Protect. in the painful joint area so as not to experience collisions.
Rest Rest joints that experience pain.
Ice Cold compresses to reduce pain.
Compression. Press the area of ​​pain by using elastic bandage, especially after injury.
Elevation When resting, lift your legs while lying higher than the chest area.

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