The Knee Is Still Sore And Sore After The Accident 3 Years Ago?

Illustration of The Knee Is Still Sore And Sore After The Accident 3 Years Ago?
Illustration: The Knee Is Still Sore And Sore After The Accident 3 Years Ago?

I want to ask. 2-3 years ago I had a motorbike accident, since then my knee has always been sore and sore. Previously, when used a lot of activity, the knee was very painful and aching, then in the past year, there was a lot of activity or lack of activity in the knee, aches and pains and since then, bruises have often occurred without cause in the thigh to leg area but the bruising has gone away by itself. And a few weeks ago my window was hit by a window. Since then, my legs have ached, aching and burning occurs at night. What’s that called knee trauma or something else. Please explain and treatment efforts. Thanks.

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Hello Maulid,

The knees or knees themselves are one of the bodies for weight bearring (weight bearing). The knee joint also plays a very important role in body movement. Several things that cause complaints of pain or soreness in the knee include:

Meniscus tear. The meniscus is the cartilage that lies between the end of the thighbone and the knee bone. A tear is common in the meniscus with sudden twisting of the knee. For example, in the basketball player's pivot movement. The symptoms experienced are pain in the knee accompanied by swelling, difficulty in straightening the knee, feeling stiff. Ligament tear. Around the knee there are several ligaments that connect several muscles. This ligament is very functional in movement. Tears in the knee ligaments will cause symptoms of sharp and stabbing pain, swelling of the knee, when the incident occurs there is a sound sensation such as a broken rubber, the knee cannot be used to stand / support body weight. It usually occurs as a result of direct trauma to the knee or as a result of sudden strenuous movement. Arthritis. It is inflammation of the joints that can be caused by diseases such as gout, the aging process, or infection. Complaints that arise usually in addition to pain are swelling in the joints, stiffness in the joints, a crackling sound when the knee is bent or going up and down stairs. Knee tendinitis. Usually the result of trauma to the tendons (the part that connects the muscles to the bones) of the knee due to excessive jumping, kicking, running. The symptoms experienced are pain in the front knee, pain especially when doing activities or after sitting for a long time, stiffness in the knee, swelling. Bruising / bruising is the process by which blood leaves the blood vessels to the tissues under the skin. Usually caused due to trauma (can also not be realized), disorders that cause fragility of blood vessels, blood clotting disorders. Bruises usually go away on their own, changing color from red-purple-blue-green-yellow then fading, within a few days to 1-2 weeks. If the bruises that appear can disappear on their own and are small in size, you don't need to worry. However, if the bruise is large, appears in many places on the body, often appears accompanied by other signs of bleeding such as nosebleeds, you should immediately consult a doctor.

To determine the right diagnosis for your knee pain, you can go to an orthopedic specialist. The doctor will ask about the history of the complaints you are experiencing, have a physical examination, especially the knee, and perform supporting tests such as an MRI to see the condition of the tissue around the knee or X-ray of the knee to see the condition of the bones around the knee.

Several ways can be done to reduce pain in the knee, including:

Rest. Rest your knees for a while. Avoid activities that are too strenuous and stressful on the knees. Ice. Apply ice or cold water to the sore knee. Better as soon as the trauma occurs. Compression. On the affected knee, a bandage / supporter can be used to reduce swelling. Be careful not to bandage too tightly because it will interfere with blood circulation. Elevation. Keep your feet higher while resting. If the pain is very disturbing, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers. If the pain is unbearable and the knee cannot move at all, you should immediately see a doctor for further treatment. If the pain decreases, you can continue to do light activities with your knees. We recommend that you use good footwear. Hopefully the explanation above helps.

Dr. Saphira Evani

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