The Left Ear Has A Small Hole And Feels Painful And Swollen?

Illustration of The Left Ear Has A Small Hole And Feels Painful And Swollen?
Illustration: The Left Ear Has A Small Hole And Feels Painful And Swollen?

Good evening, n nI want to ask about the disease that I have suffered recently. N My left and right ears have 2 small holes that sometimes give off an unpleasant smell. NWhen 6 years ago my left ear was painful and swollen and I even drained it. pus. nWhat caused the swelling? nAnd what medicine should I take to get rid of the swelling and pain in the left ear which is now starting to recur? n nThank you n nLeno

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Hi Ong,

Thank you for asking

The formation of abnormal holes in parts of the body, including around the ears as you do, may be caused by a fistula. This fistula is an abnormal channel that connects several parts of the body. If this hole has an unpleasant smell, it is likely that the fistula is due to an infection around your ear that has triggered the formation of a skin outlet to drain the pus that has accumulated in it.

Most likely, the foul smelling hole you are experiencing right now has something to do with your history of ear disorders that you experienced 6 years ago. Pain, swelling, and a discharge resembling pus from the ear, most likely indicate an infection. This infection can occur in the middle ear (otitis media), outer ear (otitis externa), the mastoid bone that supports the ear (mastoiditis), lymph nodes around the ear (lymphadenitis), or the skin around the ear. The trigger of this infection can occur due to the habit of excessive scraping the ear, respiratory tract infections that are not handled adequately, injuries around the ears, immune system disorders, and various other factors.

In addition to fistulas that arise from an infection around the ear, you may also have a hole around the ear that you are currently experiencing due to ruptured lymphadenitis, a tumor (benign or malignant) that has a secondary infection, mechanical injury (for example due to a piercing wound), and so on.

Our advice, check your complaint IMMEDIATELY with an ENT specialist. Through a comprehensive examination, your doctor can generally identify the possible cause of your complaint and the best treatment. It could also be an X-ray, blood test, or tissue sampling from swelling or a hole in the ear to make a proper diagnosis. If it is true that your complaint occurs due to fistulas and infections, then treatment can be done by administering drugs (including antibiotics), drainage of fistula secretions, to surgery.

In the meantime, you can first take parecatamol to reduce swelling and pain in your ears. Also compress the swollen ear with warm water. Keep the ears dry and avoid dangerous mechanical injuries. Avoid the habit of scratching the ears, including manipulating the holes in the ears carelessly, especially using dirty hands.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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