The Left Ear Is Totally Deaf?

Illustration of The Left Ear Is Totally Deaf?
Illustration: The Left Ear Is Totally Deaf?

I have been totally deaf since 2 years ago and I am now unable to hear anything in my ears just like the moaning of heavy rain … I experienced total deafness when I sat with my friend he was currently suffering from mumps, which is swelling on the side of his cheek at that time I was talking with him a short distance away but unlucky the next day I caught a mumps outbreak after 7 days later I tried to treat the mumps that had caught me with a cold compress but when I compressed suddenly my left ear his voice started it was destroyed and the next day I could not hear it was just a hum I checked in the ENT using metro audio but the doctor said I am permanently deaf how the doctor responds!

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Hello Iwan,

Mumps or mumps is an infection of the parotid gland (saliva) caused by a paramyxovirus. This disease is generally not a serious disease and can heal on its own. However, in some people, it can cause complications such as orchitis (inflammation of the testicles), swelling of the ovaries, acute pancreatitis, meningitis, and hearing loss.

Hearing loss is one of the complications of mumps, with an estimated 1 in 20 patients with mumps. Usually occurs in one ear, and then gradually the hearing returns to normal. Permanent hearing loss can occur, but very rarely, around 1: 20000. Mumps is the most common cause of hearing loss in children.

If it has been declared permanent, there are steps to improve hearing function even though it cannot return to normal. These steps include hearing aids, cochlear implants or learning sign language skills for lip reading and so on. You should discuss this with your ENT doctor in order to get the most appropriate treatment.

Keep the spirit Okay,

dr. Mega

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