The Left Eye Hurts And Twitches And Canker Sores?

Illustration of The Left Eye Hurts And Twitches And Canker Sores?
Illustration: The Left Eye Hurts And Twitches And Canker Sores?

Good night, I want to ask for a few days my left eye is aching and somewhat sick like a twitch, especially if I play phone, but only my left eye. I also have canker sores and my teeth ache a little, is it among my sores that I suffer from the eye?

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Hello Tanti, Thank you for the question.

Are your symptoms accompanied by red eyes? The symptoms of eye pain that you experience can be caused by:

 tired eyes nearsightedness nearsightedness near migraine cluster headaches These eye symptoms are most likely not related to the symptoms of canker sores and toothache that you experience. Sprue can be caused by injuries to the oral cavity, for example due to being bitten, lacking iron and zinc, viral infections, bacteria, fungi, hormonal changes, side effects of consumption of certain drugs. Likewise, toothache can also be caused by several health conditions such as inflammation of the gums, pulpitis (inflammation of the inside of the tooth), tooth abscess (a collection of pus in the tooth root due to bacterial infection).

Some of the treatments that you can do are:

 avoid looking at electronic devices for a long time without a break, you are recommended to rest your eyes every 2 hours and look away from the electronic devices if symptoms appear, please rest your eyes and try to rest in a dark place resting for 7-9 hours each day multiply the consumption of nutritious food multiply the consumption of water gargling with warm salt water brush teeth regularly twice a day and use dental floss consumption of paracetamol if the toothache is annoying enough you are advised to immediately consult a GP if the symptoms of eye pain are very annoying especially if accompanied by blurred vision and red eye or if thrush occurs more than 2 weeks. The doctor needs to do a brief interview and examine you to determine the cause. The treatment that will be given by a doctor depends on your condition. You are also advised to consult a dentist if a toothache complaint lasts more than 3 days and is very disturbing to you. After examining your teeth, your doctor may also need to take a dental x-ray before determining further treatment.

I hope this helps.

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