The Left Eye Is Red And Doesn’t Heal Because Of The Effect Of The Cavity On The Left Tooth?

Illustration of The Left Eye Is Red And Doesn’t Heal Because Of The Effect Of The Cavity On The Left Tooth?
Illustration: The Left Eye Is Red And Doesn’t Heal Because Of The Effect Of The Cavity On The Left Tooth?

Good afternoon .., I am 19 years old, I have had red eyes for almost 1 and a half months and it hasn’t been healed yet, I checked with an eye doctor in Cicendo Bandung, he said my left eye was red because my left tooth was molar both holes and holes that are so big that their teeth have been broken and infected … what should I do to treat my eyes so that they don’t keep red and my teeth don’t hurt when chewing food when I bump into my upper teeth it feels painful .. is there any special medicine to treat my teeth and eyes so that they are normal again, or do I have to remove my cavities?

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Hello, Melati Meyla, thank you for asking

Eye pain can come from interference with the eye organs themselves, or it can also be the effect of disturbances in other organs. If you have checked your eye at an eye specialist and it is stated that the eye disorder is due to dental problems, then what must be corrected is the disease in your teeth because the cause is an infection of the tooth.

Toothache cannot be underestimated, especially if there is an infection in the teeth. Toothache can be caused by broken teeth, tooth injuries, dental infections, tooth decay, and tooth shrinkage. The characteristics of an infected tooth are: pain, swelling of the gums, difficulty chewing, bad breath, and sometimes fever. Dental infection not only causes these symptoms to appear, but can trigger symptoms in other organs. If the teeth in the upper jaw become infected, it can cause swollen and red cheeks and eyes. If the swelling continues it will cause the eyes to close, or a more severe condition can occur such as cavernous sinus thrombosis (a threatening sinus infection). If the teeth in the lower jaw become infected, the swelling can extend to the cheeks and neck, causing difficulty swallowing, difficulty moving the jaw, and difficulty breathing.

For that, check with your dentist about your complaint especially if it has been going on for a long time and does not heal until it causes other organs (eyes) to be disturbed. The dentist will examine your teeth and see the extent and extent of the disturbance. The treatment is if the cavity can be filled, if the infection can be given antibiotics, or if it is severe, the tooth must be extracted. Treatment depends on the cause and the severity of the disease.

To relieve pain, you can use paracetamol, gargle with warm water, and compress the cheeks with warm water if the cheeks are swollen. However, if the pain is gone, you should still go to the dentist to prevent worsening. Maintain cleanliness of the oral cavity with a toothbrush 2x a day, floss between teeth, clean the tongue, and limit sweet foods.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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