The Left Face Is Immune And The Left Eye Is Watering For No Reason?

Illustration of The Left Face Is Immune And The Left Eye Is Watering For No Reason?
Illustration: The Left Face Is Immune And The Left Eye Is Watering For No Reason?

2 today my wife feels an oddity in her left face, such as immunity and muscles tend to be stiff on the left. And today the left eye is shedding tears without cause. Is it dangerous? And what action is recommended?

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Immunity to facial muscles and stiffness should receive direct medical examination. From the situation your wife is experiencing, immunity to the left facial muscles accompanied by stiffness may be due to bell's palsy.

Bells palsy is a condition where there is paralysis of the facial muscles on one side. Bells palsy is usually only temporary, and can improve with therapy. Bells palsy occurs due to inflammation of the facial nerve. Bells palsy can also be associated with infections such as herpes, Ebstein Barr, varicella, and syphilis. Bells palsy is usually harmless. Bells palsy can cause symptoms such as:

muscle that feels stiff on one side
the facial muscles on one side appear to be lowered
tingling sensation
the corner of the eye tends to drop more on one side, so it is often felt like tears dripping off of their own
facial muscles twitching
cannot move either side of the face

But besides that, the condition that your wife is experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

electrolyte disturbances
neurological disorders of the brain
trigeminal neuralgia
irritation of the eye conjunctiva / conjunctivitis

Therefore, it is recommended that your wife check with a neurologist directly, so that the doctor can check the condition of your wife directly. thus the doctor can provide the right therapy. Maybe later the doctor will perform injection therapy in the face if it is deemed necessary.

Protect your eyes if they appear to be open / can't close so they don't become further irritated. don't smoke, and don't consume alcohol.

Here's an article you can read about Bells Palsy

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