The Left Hearing Is Disturbed Like Water Ingress?

Illustration of The Left Hearing Is Disturbed Like Water Ingress?
Illustration: The Left Hearing Is Disturbed Like Water Ingress?

Hello, my ear is Budeg next to about 5 days, it feels like I have taken water, I tried to put it in water but it still doesn’t work, I tried to match it also didn’t work. . It turned out that after Googling it was not good. R n r nDo I have to go to an ENT doctor or are there other alternatives, please advise.

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It is true, you should not do the habit of using a headset to listen to loud noises and poke your ears.

Exposure to excessive noise through the headset can make the hair cells in your ears that are sensitive to sound stimuli and are tasked with conveying these sound signals to the brain to become bent or damaged. As a result, this condition can occur for a long time and can make your hearing function decrease.

Meanwhile, the habit of scratching the ears can cause earwax to accumulate and harden so that it can block the conduction of sound coming from the outer ear. Not only that, the punctures of the tools you use when prying the ears can also tear the eardrums which play an important role in the sound conduction process to the hearing bones in the middle ear.

The things above can reduce your hearing function. The causes can be due to tearing of the eardrum, blockage of earwax, damage to cells that are important for delivering auditory impulses to the brain, inflammation in the outer or middle ear, and so on. It could also cause your hearing to become impaired due to side effects of medications, head injuries, sudden changes in pressure in the ears, and so on.

To be sure, you should really go straight to a doctor or ENT specialist. That way, the doctor can evaluate, through hearing tests, inspection of the ear condition, or also additional examinations, such as X-rays, CT scans, and audiometry to determine the possible cause of your complaint, along with the best way to deal with it. Hearing loss that is not properly treated can certainly prevent you from doing your activities.

Currently, you can first do the following tips:

Give up the habit of using the headset and scratching your ears too often
Also avoid putting anything (including water) into the ear carelessly
Control ear health regularly to an ENT specialist every 6 months
Do not use drops or any medication carelessly to deal with your complaints without a doctor's prescription

Hope it helps ..

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